Issues with voice to text

Let me let me tell everyone a couple of stories about using voice to text and maybe it will help y’all any time you’re reading a post that might be a voice to text message the other night I was making a post about the weed killer glyphosate and knowing got the voice-to-text would have trouble with the word I tried to say it very clearly and I got several different things none of which even our then slowed very down and pronounce it syllable by syllable I saw my phone put up the right word as it was properly spelled and then it changed it instantly to believe it or not rifle sight I tried the same thing again and I got white bow sight. I finally had to give up and type in glocca site now my phone knows it so I can say it. Two three months ago I was trying to tell someone the rough location of DMs and I very clearly said Valwood and my phone wrote it as Sherry wood try again I got Birchwood I tried it several times and I got all sorts of trees and a few other interesting things before I stopped and typed in Bellwood now it knows so I can say it. The i in lie voice to text is really sort of dumb and even if your phone know the word when you’re typing it like mine is gone glyphosate for sometime g l y gets yesterday can you walk I prophesied the voice does not know it. I see a lot of people using voice to text and I don’t all of them or vision-impaired I have an idea someone we’re just busy and don’t have time to type I would make this suggestion if you see a word that doesn’t seem to fit first try sounding Out the word to yourself and saying if there is something similar the phone misunderstood and second if it’s really that hard to understand be willing to poster them and sign now I didn’t understand that last message your phone filed it up. Are autocorrect wild it up. You could be nice you don’t have to be rude you don’t have to be insulting you don’t have to act like they don’t know what they’re talkin about. Those are all the actions of a child they’re not actions that I don’t. Might help you in talking to other people as well as for legally blind me