Issues: Unable to log in

Can’t access my account or any tools. even after I’ve paid. Please give me access. Thank you. @Team_Infrastructure

Also go to the “Member Access (Green Dot)” category to get you green dot - opens you up to the members only areas.

Also they will want to know what classes you’ve taken to gain access.

Sorry, but I don’t know what you are talking about. Please help me get access to the space that I paid for.


you need to go to
You input your badge number in that portal to assign it to your user.

I’ve already fixed your logon issues, so please try that again.


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All the machines that require that you use your badge to turn them on also require that you’ve taken the required classes, or demonstrated to the committee in charge of them that you are a safe user. Thus, for your badge to operate machines, you have to have taken classes. Look on the Calendar, and request here on Talk if you don’t see classes for the machines you want to use.