[Issue] How to join the Wood Shop Committee

I’d like to join the Wood Shop Committee. Using the information I found on the Wiki:

I sent an email to this address on Monday and asked a question in the email as well, but I have not received a reply nor seen my name added to the list on the Wiki. I took the liberty of adding myself to the list by editing the Wood Shop Committee Members page:

Since editing the Wiki is not an option that everyone would feel comfortable doing, I wonder: is this email address being monitored?

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Nope it is not being monitored.

Just learned yesterday there was such a thing, and am working through how it works.

Welcome to the woodshop!


I need to take the Woodworking classes and the Lathe class. When will these classes be offered again? The last sets of classes filled up before I could sign up!

I’ve got an intricate project started that has a lot of small, precision cut pieces. I can do most of it at home, but our drill press has a wobble and we don’t have a lathe.

Generally speaking, and this goes with most any committee, just show up to a committee meeting and ask.

Except the Wood Shop Wiki gave the email as THE way to join…

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I don’t think we have a distinction officially between members of a committee and not. Some committees may provide a way to join but I’m not certain that stops people from showing up and voting or helping out.

Historically (circa Ladybird), committee members were listed on the Wiki, and one “officially” joined or left a Committee by adding or removing one’s own name from the list. I have no idea how closely this is followed nowadays.


The only thing required to be on the wiki is a list of “active” members, whatever you choose to believe that means. Committees are not required to keep a member list although some committees such as Science have wanted to limit voting to only those on a list but I believe that board agenda item got tabled a couple of times.

Woodshop Chair and Vice-Chair have officially communicated and committed to a set number of monthly honorarium Woodshop classes, including tools-access classes.

How many Woodshop honorarium classes have been scheduled for the month of August…Paging @shoottx and @Mrksls2

I will be scheduling 1 set of woodshop 1-4 classes per month. I have not scheduled them yet for this month, but we now have several new paths to tool access available with more on the way.

Just posted my Woodshop 1-4 honorarium classes for Tuesday 13th

Watch for approval of classes for them to appear on the Calendar