ISO: old style tube computer monitor CRT

I am looking for a old stye tube CRT monitor for that sweet 100+ framerate. I’ve been chasing thrift stores, facebook marketplace, and craigslist and running into dead ends. Putting my feelers out on Talk while I continue searching for other options.

Post in the DFW Retro Gamers group on FB and you’ll find one in minutes.


nice! thanks for the tip

You’re welcome! We have a vibrant community here in DFW.

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I think I have two CRT monitors in the pile for ewaste at the moment. They are about 1-1/2 miles from DMS where I work off Valley View and Senlac.


I have one in storage, I’ll have to look for the exact model and brand. I think it’s a 19", and it was working fine when I stopped using it.


necropost: turns out the monitor i wound up getting unforunately had some issues. oof. anyone got one? i’ll pay for it srsly.

I have one that went with an old Gateway computer. Probably 20"ish. Will that work?

If it’s for computer gaming I suggest checking out modern high refresh rate displays. They’re surprisingly good. Here’s one example at 240 Hz (refresh rate is far beyond any CRT ever made).

Beware TN panels as they have terrible color accuracy and viewing angles. Most high refresh rate displays are TN panels. The linked display above is IPS. It’s more expensive than free but it’s on par with the high end CRT displays I’ve seen for sale like this one.

thanks for the tip! i’ll look into vga > Y/Pb/Pr units. that looks like a easier to find set up.