ISO Moving Boxes


Figure before I go scouting craigslist or go buy any, if you happen to have moving boxes and you’re no longer interested in keeping them, I’d love to take them off your hands! About to be moving soon and so I’m starting the pack-a-thon.



Home Depot and Lowe’s have surprisingly cheap boxes. Not free though.

Also spend a few bucks on a tape gun. It makes putting boxes together easier and faster.

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Amazingly most liquor stores had a lot of great boxes and will give them for free.

VCC will also have a few spare in a month or so.

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@Diplomat Thanks! Was thinking more from a recycle aspect, so figured it was worth a shot before I went to buy any.

@denzuko Thank you! I may ask the local Total Wine near me. If not buying is no big deal.



flower shops, including the ones in grocery stores also have good boxes (double ply and fairly rigid). If you go to grocery stores, see if they will let you have some of the boxes that the grocery bags come in; those are perfect size for storing smaller items



I second this. The nice thing about liquor boxes is they are designed to hold glass bottles full of liquid (heavy) and be manageable for store employees. If nothing else, they are perfect for books, because they’re not too big.

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Uhaul has a shipping box exchange wherein people with unused/unwanted moving boxes freely give/trade them away. I got a bunch, & gave away all of them this way.