ISO: 30" wood round

I’m looking for someone who can cut a 30" round out of 1/2" birch (or similar quality). I have the ability to do it myself, but not the confidence to get it right the first time! I understand that size is a bit expensive. Let me know!

How perfect does it need to be?

Fairly perfect. It’s for a customer order for a sign. Unless it’s something that can be covered with paint or patched with filler.

These blanks are made by the hundreds, take advantage of the very low prices…

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Do you have the wood?

Using the cnc will take some time for setup but it will be a perfect circle.

Using the bandsaw will be quick but it will not be perfect. Can get it very close.

Sorry, I should have put that in the post. I don’t have the wood. I was hoping to find someone that has it on hand otherwise I’m stuck buying a full 4x8 sheet with leftovers I won’t use. (Unless you know of a place that sells 3x3 sheets at a decent price? I’m not super familiar with lumberyards, only HD and Lowes.)

Thanks, I’ll look into it! I figured shipping on something like that would be outrageous but maybe not.

Does it have to be exactly 30"? Rockler sells a 30" square piece for $34.

If, on the other hand, you need it to be exactly 30" then you’d be better off buying the $60 item on Amazon because you’re going to pay more than that for a piece that’s bigger than you need. The link Burt @swa provided has free shipping.

Yes, it has to be 30" and I just ordered one from Amazon. Thanks everyone!