Is training needed?

Heya. I just joined and I’m interested in learning what all of the tools at the jewelry shop are. I know how to use most tools and machines, but was wondering if I needed training or classes on any of them. Here’s the kind of stuff I make.


@nausser915 – I don’t know all the answers…

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Sue has said she could go over this during her Jewelry Open Lab on Wednesday 6/28 3pm to 7pm


Welcome! There is a list of some of the resources we have available on the wiki here.

Most basic hand tools do not require any training. Some of the equipment does and is labeled as such. There is online training for the polisher and a few other things at

Lapidary equipment is done as a one-on-one checkout. Many people such as @sroriginals @mrjimmy or @darrent can help with those items.

Hope this helps. We have our monthly committee meetings on the second Tuesday of each month online via Google Meet. Check the calendar for details here.

Welcome and look forward to seeing you around the Space!


Thank you much!