Is this your mess


I haven’t checked the camera YET but I will. If you left this you better have a damn good reason otherwise I can assure you you will not be using the bandsaw after we get the rfid on it. clean up after your self.


There was a decent mess yesterday in the machine shop as well.

Additionally someone left the sherline Chuck & tool post out. I put it all up & then got tired of watching the video.


what was that line from the movie Taken?
“I have a particular set of skills. I will find you and I will _____ you.”


Starting to look like DMS is going to have few less members soon. :roll_eyes:


This had to have occurred after I left last night. I used the Colchester and completely wiped it down including cleaning out the chip pan and swept the floor. Tools I used included the collet tooling (1/2) collet, 6 & 12 inch calipers, turning/facing insert tool, a rubber mallet and the cut-off saw. There was one other individual using the drill press while I was on the lathe…very nice person making writing pen…he cleaned up his mess. I used my own private bottle of Dykem.


This was before you got here Will. Charles & myself picked it up.


I have identified the person who left the mess and our calipers out. It will be dealt with. thank you.


yeah right…one can only hope to offload the baggage that doesn’t feel that they need to clean up…


I have not had time to post yet but the bridgeport was a mess too.


Thank you . Let me know what that timeline is please


A “purging” of the DMS membership pool of habitual mess makers and self entitled thieves? :grinning::scream:


I documented another lathe mess when I came in last night. This was photographed by a DMS Official whom I sought out…sorry, I forgot his name.

Most importantly regarding whoever made this mess…we are lucky to even have a lathe to use! The toolpost was clamped down half -off the compound! The compound t-nut casting could have cracked and broken!


Thank you. I’ll check.


Hey Will, when was this? I used the Lathe Friday afternoon until about 4:30p, and admittedly had to leave in a hurry to get to a function that evening… cleaned everything up though, only thing I may have forgotten to do is move the tool post back into place since I was using the chuck to drill a center hole in a piece of aluminum. That may have been me leaving it off center, but for the little bit I used a cutter to actually square the end of the piece, it was actually set up correctly.