Is this an actual phone number?

Or maybe he’s just being somewhat of a troll. :neutral_face:

Found now on car on lift, but on the ground with no indication if work required needs to be done on lift.

Sure, I’ll write down a phone num… Ahhh f$&k it. Nevermind.

Hopefully in the next evolution of automotive we have two lifts and half the problems.

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He should have his privileges suspended. :neutral_face:

Hood open, nothing seems to be apart. Tires on the ground
Been on lift at least 30 mins


@Team_Automotive ?

It’s frustrating, I know. Been there waiting for hours to get on the lift for the racecar. Some people are more considerate than others when it comes to the lift. If it really bugs you, have a polite chat with them when they come back. 9 times out of 10 automotive people are very agreeable.

Eventually you’ll break a radiator hose doing a replacement, close it up, put the car on the ground and run and grab a replacement. It’ll look like your camping on the lift but you really should leave it there. If you think of everyone else as in that situation, it’s not as bad.


Guy is back. Seems like he got interrupted when was writing his number down…

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Hopefully, but unless stuff like this is discouraged, there also the chance 2x the problems.

Another person who was helping him out mentioned to him that he forgot to write down his complete number. His “oh crapl” reaction to the his friend’s comment looked genuine to me.
Didn’t make a big deal out of it as he’s aware of his oversight. Good enough for me.
Asked about worked he was doing, he needs the lift more than I did.
Got my stuff done the old fashion way, chatting with him in between.
Wish him success, should be cool to see end product.