Is there interest in more Knitting Classes?

Good Morning!

I wanted to gauge the interest for a knitting class as well as ask what new or novice knitters would be interested in learning!

I would love to start a series of classes for the basics as well as fair isle and alternative cast on methods.

All input is greatly appreciated.


I am interested! I am a novice knitter in that I can knit stitch, I think I still remember how to purl, and I can work in rectangles only. :slight_smile: My best knitting achievement was making my husband a 4th Doctor scarf. I would like to be able to learn some specific techniques, such as increase/decrease and cables.


I am interested too! I’m about the same level as @Liv7301, minus I don’t remember how to purl off the top of my head. :slight_smile:

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I can teach increases (a few kinds!) and cables!

I’ll make a note of this :slight_smile:

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Ah I gotchu!

Pearling is my least favorite (general consensus really) but it is pretty valuable.

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(I coordinate the fiberarts SIG, special interest group)

Hi! Don’t know if we’ve met, so just throwing some things out here (and feel free to PM me too):

We’ve had beginning knitting periodically and they usually seem to make if they have a little time on the calendar and folks see it. So have at it!

If it helps, the second half of April and all of May is wide open on fibery happenings (we’re coming to the end of this cycle of planning), so that’d be great timing. (We make a flimsy attempt at kinda somewhat coordinating so there’s fibery stuff happening regularly, like 1-2x week). The stuff earlier April are Fiberfrolics (personal project freeforalls) but no classes I know if, so if you want that’s cool too.

In general, any classes, we have good support for post-learning as well. If you tell new folks to watch for Fiberfrolics (1-3x month usually, next are April 2nd and 11th) that’s a great time for them to come with what they’re working on and hang with fibery peeps, or if they learned recently but might need help. There’s usually about 75% of us spin/knit/crochet or a mix/all, so someone can help a new person if they’re stuck after recently learning something or need help. Or plotting their next move. Or need help being infected -er- finding a new project. All will be assimilated. Come on in, the water’s fine. Muahaha.

Lemme know if you need help with the logistics part, like needles to teach with, yarn, etc. We have all that for teaching classes if you need it. Or general suggestions on what we’ve found works well.

Or if you need something in particular to teach with, we can get it. Lemme know.

LOOOOVE that you might teach fair isle or other technique things.

We have a decent amount of intermediate and experienced knitters always interested in something new. Colorwork has been an interest mentioned a few times.

We have an active group on Facebook that is where we communicate, reminders, questions, do interest checks, etc. It’s a GREAT idea to post when you have a class hit the calendar and remind folks close to it. It seems to make a big difference in attendance. Also recommend posting in Creative Arts fb group. The fiberarts SIG is “Dallas Makerspace Fiberholics”

Recommend putting a cap on class number of however many you’re comfortable teaching. Generally classes of 6-8 (up to 10 if we get really cozy without adding tables) fit nicely around bowling table (if you teach in CA room), match up with our equipment/tools, but up to you. Also gives wiggle room for no-shows. Reminders on fb help greatly with that though. Sometimes will have unanticipated turnout if no cap.

We started capping just in case after The Kumihimo Incident (went from 8 to 23 registered a couple hours before class when folks overflowed from a different cancelled class but we’re already at dms). Yikes. It worked out. But yikes. :slight_smile:

There’s a fiberfrolic tonight if you want to meet people or run class ideas past the hive-mind

hey! Sorry i’m just now replying it’s been a whirlwind week (and I went to Fiber Fest!!!)

I am super down for beginners knitting and have been throwing around ideas for a syllabus and such. I would theoretically like to do Knitting 1 and possibly a second one. I would also like to do a beginners cable class making a cable swatch. I have a fair amount of supplies to share as well!

May is perfect as right now I have no plans and the semester ends about that time. I’ll try to get a few ideas together and send you an outline!

Would it be possible to do a knit night 1x a week? Just come and knit together? A lot of LYS do this and it’s a great way to meet each other!

I fully plan to take spin classes. I just learned how to drop spin and I am EXCITED.

I agree with the assimilation. All knitters are full on enablers. There is no such thing as too much yarn.

Feel free to PM me! I am horrible at checking forums so I can also give you my social media/cell number to talk further!

After participating in @talkers “How to Teach at DMS” class, my daughter, @Jellyfish, created and scheduled a “Basics of Yarn” class a few weeks ago. She was pretty disappointed when none of the 4 people who registered actually showed up. But I have encouraged her to keep her head up and keep trying! I’ve also pointed her to this discussion. She’s not particularly active on Talk, but hopefully she’ll make a few connections to those of you with similar interests.

Basics of yarn is something even I would take!

Learning the weight and suitability of yarn types is essential to picking out the right yarn for a project. I have learned this the hard way (I mean, havent we all ignored patterns?)

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