Is there a Mom & Pop computer retail store in Dallas?

I’m looking for something that isn’t corporate like Fry’s / Best Buy / MicroCenter etc

Thanks in advance!

Have you been to Tanner’s on the corner of Valwood and Monetary? I understand that they’ve got some stuff and not other stuff, but that’s the extent of my knowledge.

Yeah, Tanner is a good place to start and only a block away from DMS.

Also, out in Addison, a block West of the airport is Altex Electronics. They have more than one store (littered throughout Texas) but certainly have that “small shop” feel when you walk in.

Almost all the “Mom and Pop” store went under because of hardware price drops.

Back in the day, PCs were $5k. Now days a significantly better computer is $500. If the profit margins are the same(ha!), a store has to sell 10x the volume just to keep the same income. A store that is selling just computer boxes has to hustle their tail off just to keep the doors opens. Most are gone now.

This has shifted to online stores, huge retailers or Best Buy type stores that sell lots of stuff and some computers too.

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Is there something specific you are looking for

I know that you mentioned MicroCenter, but have you checked out their refurbished PC’s? These are Dell PC’s that have come off lease, rebuilt, and a new Windows 10 package installed, complete with a warranty. I have bought several of these over the years and never had a problem. In several cases the cost of the entire PC was less then the list price for Windows 10.


I wouldn’t put MicroCenter in the same category as Best Buy and Fry’s - I bought a PC from them several years ago and it was an excellent experience.

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I’m curious why you want to shop at the mom and pop stores?

I stopped seeing mom and pop stores as charming over the years as I collected plenty of anecdotes that labor law violations happen more rampantly in those kind of places due to lack of HR compliance oversight.

That’s why I shop the big box stores, things are cheaper and conversely the collective bargaining nature of both customers and staff makes sure the staff get paid a fair amount.

@Chris_Stark if one is looking to support a local business then electronics is not going to be one of those in this market outside of recyclers/resellers.

There is Garland Computers and Tanners but in general @Diplomat has it spot on. The only other things that killed that industry was Best Buy, Ebay, and Geek Squad.

For the most part, the small guys aren’t living on retail. They’re living on contracts with universities and/or government entities, who receive incentives to do business with HUB (Historically Underutilized Business - owned by women and/or minorities) and buy everything at a flat rate statewide (which is often more than street price).

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