Is there a direct contact?

My membership was terminated for some reason even though the bill was paid.

I sent a support ticket several weeks ago that no one has replied to. I’ve also sent an email to the accounts email address.

Is there someone I can talk to in order to get this resolved?

Emailing [email protected] will reach the folks who can help. Sorry you’re experiencing this issue.

I went to look at your info in Maker Manager, and one thing I noticed is that your zip code has too many digits. I don’t know whether that might have factored into the renewal failure, but definitely something to fix when you regain access.
Paging @thefinal as well.


we’ve had large a backlog of support tickets and not enough people handling them; looks like you paid a dead invoice (i.e. an invoice that was sent before termination, but not paid until after termination). This happens every so often and we’re not sure why it went through, as it should have required you order a new service since the invoice was for a non-existent service when paid.

I’ll see what I can do without having to revert everything.


EDIT: I think you’re good to go; since the transaction went through on the dead invoice I just reactivated the existing profile. Let me know if you have any issues.

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Awesome. Thank you very much.