Is the Consew sewing machine being replaced

Just saw that this machine is up for sale. Is it going to be replaced? As far as I know, it is the only one capable of sewing leather.

I’m not a regular user of either machine, but I was under the impression that the Thor was the “replacement” for the Consew and it is a much more industrial quality machine.

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The Thor is the leather sewing machine. The Consew is an industrial sewing machine that was donated a few years ago. It is (IIRC) capable of thin leatherworking, but the Thor is the preferred leather sewing machine.

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  1. No, it’s the Thor that’s the heavy-duty leather machine. The ConSew is a bit light-weight for leather. In fact, we have no leather needles for the ConSew. The Pfaff is also a good machine for sewing upholstery-weight leather.

  2. We have a donation of a Jukie, which is more capable than the ConSew. In fact, I need to ask Logistics (sometime next week) if we can move the ConSew out into the North Warehouse (or South Warehouse), so we can work on getting the Jukie in and set up.

History – when Matt was the leader of the Sewing SIG, he talked us into buying the Thor. It’s a ferocious machine, above and beyond the “normal” industrial machine. I have a plan to make myself a pair of shoes, because it’ll sew the soles. Anyway. Matt came from an industrial sewing background, and he was planning to replace the home-style sewing machines with industrials. Along those lines, he donated his mother’s older industrial to us. Aaannnd, about that time he got some contract/job that took him out of the area, so we still have the home-sewing setup that’s so near and dear to the hearts of most of our sewing folks. Haven’t heard from Matt since.

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I haven’t either. Hope he is doing well @matthshooter


Ah! My apologies. I thought the Consew WAS the Thor since it is on the wiki tool page. Also hoping Matt is doing well.