Intro to Welding Class?

Just joined DMS and looking for intro to welding course or if anyone is offering 1 on 1s. Thanks

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I am also interested in this course and the pre-req safety course. Thank you!

Given that a class today will be 10 days out (Saturday 10/3 or later), what is y’all’s availability after 2pm, any day thereafter?

Also @Jmaggio360

I’m available all day Sunday 10/4 plus that gives me time to get whatever PPE in the mail. Just ordered welding gloves and a baclava. I have the impact resistant eyewear. Is there anything else required?

Either 100% natural clothing, or the fire-resistant jacket and jeans. I wear a 100% cotton long-sleeved shirt. I would get something heavier when I come up with a project that requires some serious welding time. Current rules state that you need a fire-resistant mask. I know that those are available from WallyWaldo, which is across the freeway from DMS, and gives DMS members a 10% discount. Leather shoes/boots, or coverings for un-natural shoes.

I’m thinking about running a class to make some shoe gaiters out of the sample leather we’ve got.


How did you take the pre-req safty course?

Next one up for Sunday 10/4 at 3pm. I just loaded it, so it’ll be visible in 72 hours.

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I’m going to go ahead and run 1 MIG class at 5pm (on Sunday 10/4). Will that be okay? It’s been taking me 2 hours for the 3 people, so any other classes will be later. Like – a minimum of 10 days after somebody says “This afternoon” or “This evening”.

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Either time works for me. I’ll keep a lookout for the calendar update. Thanks

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I’ve been watching calendar updates like a hawk but ended up late with the MIG welding course. I’ve already registered for metal shop committee clean up as well as hot process. Any way I can get into the MIG course? Thanks

We can see what’s going on in the welding bay after cleanup. That qualifies as a “clean up – get a class” class.