Interest Survey - Who Would Take My Class/Attend My Demo?

Hey Y’all, I think I am going to do my first demo on the 22nd or 23rd of this month and then do a class on the 29/30. I just wanted to put out some feelers to see if there is any interest in fine resin art, application, techniques, best uses, etc etc etc…

We are proficient in teaching the following resin applications:

  • Fine Art
  • Table Tops
  • Cheese Trays/Cutting Boards
  • Free Standing Resin Sculptures
  • Coasters
  • Casting
  • Top Coating artwork pained in other mediums
  • Resin Painting including but not limited to:
    • One Layer Paintings
    • Multi Layer Paintings
    • Geodes
    • Geode Side Tables
    • Free Form Geodes
    • Beach Scenes
    • Textured and Layered Beach Scenes
    • Galaxy Scenes
    • Alcohol Ink Staining
    • Elegant Negative Space Art

Here is a link to some of the artwork we have created recently as well as some of the work created at our most recent class in Australia during our “ATD Aussie Takeover Resin Tour”:



I’d love to watch!

@bookpixie and I would both love to see/attend/participate.

Kevin and I will come!

Sounds like fun! We’d love to come

Count me in.

Do you mean next month?

I don’t know if I’d be available, but Love and support this type of work.

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I am interested in coming if I can swing it schedule-wise.

I haven’t had the chance to do any resin work yet but I’m still very interested in learning how. At a first-class I imagine I would mainly just watch because of all the interest you’ve already had expressed. I’m a vision-impaired artist therefore I’m basically a special needs students and I prefer to let others have the first crack at classes. But I would love to come and watch and see if those are things that I think I can learn to do with my limited Vision. Thank you very much for being willing to teach

I’m 100% up for resin pour art things.

I’m interested!

I’d love to attend as well. Beautiful work!!

I would be interested and I am sure my SO would too!

Beautiful work! I’d love to attend and always down for learning new techniques.

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If the demo is scheduled at a time I am free, I would love to attend.

Bumping the thread. This is on the calendar for Saturday afternoon.


Hey Y’all - the demo is this saturday! Here is the link:

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Today is the demo day! See you all at 1!