Interest in Member Meetups?

Hi all,

I was wondering if there would be any potential interest in the following event ideas:

1). Local Multiplayer night. I could bring my switch and some controllers and we could do some games like Crawl, Moving Out, etc.

2). Salty Bet. Essentially, we watch two CPUs in a mugen stream and take part in betting fake currency on who we think will win.

If anyone is interested, I can post an event on the calendar.


Yeah, we do need more of these things. I believe that DMS at its best is a simulacrum of a village. I think we all try to create this imitation in our own way, but we are too often busy with putting out fires or trying to build up the core productive competencies and capabilities of the space and its members to do as much as we want to do. This is because it is the productive forces and training at DMS that are the core attraction to prospective members.

I think we need to start seeing these social events such as Tabletop SIG events, gaming events, retrocomputer events, anime club, etc. as volunteering for DMS on the same level as infrastructure or committee volunteering. You get a lot of social credit and credibility as a member for making the sure the building doesn’t explode, the machines aren’t broken, and so forth, and rightly so! I don’t want to die from a gas explosion or have my work ruined by a machine out of alignment.

However, love, friendship, and camaraderie are what will carry the space to the next level and are what gives a space that sense of fire and life. We have fantastic board members, officers, and core volunteers who have all contributed to creating that type of space; however, our time ends up going to other things.

My honest prediction is that the first couple of times you try this, you won’t get a lot of attendance; however, I strongly urge that you keep trying. Things like play and community events rely on the development of social norms and these norms don’t form overnight, but from consistent repetition. So even if you only get one or two people the first few times, I sincerely hope you will try events like this frequently.

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I would love to see more social events on the calendar - let me know I can do anything to help. :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll put them up on the calendar. I’ll probably start off with smaller events and then branch out from there. I’m not sure what room would be best to setup with a TV - computer lab has the two wall mounted TVs, there is the north lobby, and the retro lounge.

We also have a rolling TV if that would help? I’ll be there on Wednesday evening for the board meeting - I would be happy to walk around and help find whatever you need for social events. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, we can figure out logistics on Wednesday. I will be there for the meeting.

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