Interest in a Ukulele Class?

I would LOVE a class like this! I got a ukulele years ago, and have yet pick it up long enough to learn a song. Let us know when you get a class on the calendar! :grinning:

Another question before I get this class put up on the calendar:

Looking at the categories I have to choose from, what does a Ukulele class fit in? :grinning: Obviously not automotive, welding, etc.

Truth is that it’s up to you what category to put it in. Digital Media has been the area where musical arts has taken the most root, so I might say there?

Been out of town, but no back.

Did the uke class make it to the calendar? I’m very interested -


Any updates on a potential class??

I would be interested in learning in a group setting. currently just do it on my own when I have spare time.

Count me in!

Still watching for a class… if you have changed your mind about the class please advise so I can stop searching for it…!!

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay…February has been “extra strength!”

I just submitted two beginner classes for 3/21 (evening) and 3/30 (afternoon). Hope those will work out for many of you. They should be posted to the calendar in the next few days!

Excited that there is so much interest!

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Thank you so much for getting this class going! I’m excited to sign up and learn.

The classes are up!

Thurs 3/21 7:00pm
Sat 3/30 2:00pm

If those fill quickly or you need a different date/time option, give me a yell!

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Both classes I have posted are full! I thought I would check and see if I need to offer a third beginners class. If there are folks who didn’t have a chance to register, or need a different time option, give me a yell!

I missed this when you posted, but wouldn’t have been able to make it to either of those days anyway. Sounds like there is pretty good interest though, so I’d suggest that you keep posting them!

If these classes go well for you, please have more! I will not be able to make either this time, but would still love to go to a class like this! :slight_smile:

Have any loaner ukeles?

Yep! I have enough loaner ukes to cover every person in class! Of course, you can also BYOU if you have one.

Yes, please run another class… signed-up for last night but failed to
put on my calendar and missed the class… my bad!!

No worries! The class on Sat. 3/30 is full but if spaces open up I will throw a comment in here to let y’all know. I am going to put up another beginning class and also a “next steps” or level 2 type class as well.

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Hoping that Olivia will see this post. I’m trying to connect with her on repair and tuning. I missed the classes she scheduled, but I have received the parts from Amazon (finally!)

Are there more uke classes in the future? Olivia, I’m at DMS 3-4x per week. I can meet you if you happen to be onsite sometimes. Thanks.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond! With the school winding down I haven’t been able to get to the space for a while. I have a week left of work, and then am out of town for several days. I should be back in the space quite often again by mid-June.