Interest in a Raspberry Pi class?

Beginner interested as well.

Beginner interested as well.

Thank you all for the interest, it definitely sounds like we’ll be doing a few classes. I’m working with @artg_dms and @cgollap to get everything ready (we completed the inventory of parts and identified a few things that are needed for the classes to be successful).

I was thinking of starting 1/29 say 1-2:30p with Pi Basics (start from when you buy it and get it setup and working). and then the following Saturday 2/5 doing a class on using Node Red on the Pi before noon and setting up Octoprint on Raspberry PI in the afternoon. Although it would help to have done the “basics” if you haven’t setup a Pi before, I’m not planning to make it a prerequisite for the other classes. We could then schedule some classes on programming in Python and I know @Russell_Crow was interested in Circuit Python on the Pi. I could also do evenings (say 7-9pm) if that would be better for people.

We would be limited to 6 people per class (number of devices and equipment) but I’m willing to run the classes multiple times.

I’ll post back to this thread once the events are submitted.