Interest in a Raspberry Pi class?

I’m considering putting together a Raspberry Pi class, but I’d like to know what people are interested in. We could

  • start at the beginning (setting up a Raspberry Pi)
  • setup a Pi as a (lightweight) desktop (like we have in the DMS common area)
  • jump into software based projects (programming the Pi / would need to decide what language(s) goals people would want to learn)
  • learn to interface with the “real” world (GPIO basics with a simple breakout board)
  • Interfacing GPIO with Node Red (graphical, event-driven workflows)
  • other thoughts people are interested in?

@artg_dms has some Pi’s in the DMS Electronics inventory, so the thought would be we’d have all the materials for the class, but then the parts stay here after the class (you get to keep the skills and experience gained, and we could include saving the software part of your work).

Thoughts and feedback are welcome!!


I would love to learn gpio basics and node red.


I want to start at the beginning!

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Thank you, @excalbian, for offering to teach this class! I want to know everything. And I need to learn to use Python since so many of the tools I currently use and am learning to use for everything from music production to 3D can be customized and extended with it.

But since programming/scripting languages share so many common patterns, I’ll be good to go no matter what language is offered.

Very much looking forward to this class! First application for me will be networking my 3D printers for remote access and control, and adding cameras for monitoring and time-lapses.


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I would like to take the class. If you have a pdf instructions for set up that may be something we can get a head start on coming into the class.

A short while back Electronics received a very generous donation of RPi’s and RPi hrdwr.
A very quick inventory gives ~12+ RPi’s - need to verify models, ~12x mini keyboards/mice,
pwr supplies, cables, ~12x lcd mini monitors, various other hrdwr.

Need to do a more detailed inventory, put together kits/stations for classes, make sure everything works - all kits/stations are identical/ work the same. Will probably need memory cards.


@artg_dms I’d be happy to do the inventory and QC of the kits. Shall we set a time to meet at DMS, or can I just do it on my own? (I’m fine either way)


I’d like a class on the Pi.

I can help if you need some warm bodies for inventory. But I am new member so will need some direction. Just tell me what to do. Let me know when you will be there.

I am interested for a class as well!

Sent PM to @excalbian and @cgollap.

Interested as well.

Interested. From the begining.

I’m in for learning Node Red. I know enough to be dangerous with GPIO pins but want toround out the education.



@artg_dms Off Topic, but I can’t figure out how to direct message you. This is Jules from the Electronics Meeting last weekend. Can you get me in touch with your 3D printer colleague?

Thank you!

That would be @Evan_Lott

I’m in for Circuit_PI

I built several Arduino web-based uComp controllers. The Web interface is clunky and difficult. It looks like RPi is the opposite, easy Web pages and clunky hardware interfaces.

Please, make this easy!

We should start a new thread about micro controllers and perhaps do a class on some of the ESP stuff (my current favorite flavor is the esphome project - talk about easy!).

I am using ESPHome with Home Assistant. I LOVE IT!!! But would love to collaborate with others on it.


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Beginner interested!