Interest check -- "stick" welding

Once I get brushed up on MIG, I’ll add the next thing. @malcolm pointed out that stick was my buy-in to the training class. And, Matt is already good at TIG.

So – given that stick has a definite learning curve – who’s interested?

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I am and more characters

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Interested in a stick class as well.

Thank you

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Okay. If I’ve gotten 2 folks interested on Talk in this short time, stick it is. It’ll be at least a month – I need to get my hand back before I try to teach.

And, in general, are you more interested in weekday evening classes or weekend afternoon classes?

I’m planning on getting in some practice and doing some MIG classes in late Aug, or Sept.


I’m trying to put together a project class myself. The design of the class would do give those who want & need more practice the opportunity to create something while getting more welding experience/practice.


Weekday evenings please.

I’d also be interested in taking the Stick Welding class.


Yeah you were so good at it, I’d take your class too!

Me too, and either time would be fine.

I’m a little bit late to the party, but i’m also interested

It’s okay – the party hasn’t started yet. I’m working AnimeFest this weekend, so I haven’t started practicing yet. (All of us were having some trouble starting an arc during the Train the Trainers class, so I’d like to get consistent before I try to teach). My plan is to go buy some sticks next week, and start practicing. Plus, there’s a lot of demand for welding classes, so I may teach another MIG.

Let me check with the Powers That Be, and we may just have a work session…

FYI - @ioport51 has a stick welding class scheduled for Saturday, Aug 24 @ 1 pm on the calendar.

That’s odd. He said he was teaching MIG on the “put a welding class on the calendar” thread. He’s got good experience in Stick, though.