Interest check: Intro to Adobe Illustrator

Howdy folks,
After teaching a laser class or two, it has been made apparent that there are people who need the basics in illustrator. Considering doing an Illustrator Essentials class, maybe focusing on illustrator tools that I have found particularly useful for the lasers if enough students need it, including but not limited to:
-Quickly turning pictures/drawings into vectors
-Pathfinder tools for boolean operations (subtract this rectangle from that circle, etc)
-Automatically separating layers when importing to laser
-Artboards and why/when/how to use them
-Turning truetype text into cuttable vectors
If that sounds neat, let me know and leave what days work for you. Looking to have around 6-8 students, $15 each. Class will be 90 minutes, but knowing myself I will end up staying for the rest of the day working with students that need extra help


I would like it. Any day

I will enroll.any day except Wed a.m.

Hey so if you post the class on the calendar and submit a w9 you’ll get the honorarium payment. That’s the more kosher way than under the table payments. Also I don’t usually charge anything for a class unless there are materials since the honorarium covers my time.


I’m interested and available any day at most times.

This sounds great! I’m available every evening except Friday and Saturday.

If you could add node editing and tracing I think it would benefit a lot of beginners. I demoed it in my wooden portraits class using Corel Draw and explained that the same capabilities exist in AI but since we can’t remote to a machine that has it loaded I couldn’t show it. That should be something else you should consider- the PCs in the computer lab don’t have Adobe software loaded on them.

If by “node editing” you mean along the lines of anchor points, then yeah that was planned and one of the big subjects to go over. And i had assumed there was some DMS login for adobe or something, but i guess that isnt the case. Going to figure out the logistics of that today, because ideally the class would take place in a classroom with a projector or TV. You can get a 30 day trial of it for free, which would be my last resort.

I guess more specifically I meant tracing a weird line or segment node by node like scheme you import a bitmap and have to create a line drawing of it. Cheers

Is there any status on this class? I would like to learn how to better use Adobe Illustrator for laser etching.

Perhaps you mean the image trace function?

no that creates a vector image of the whole file. I’m talking about only tracing a portion. Usually done with bezier curves.

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Definitely interested!!! Evening hours for sure

Yes, it’s in the works. I’m currently repairing a burst pipe at my house. I will update the thread and mention everybody when i’ve put up the class


Definitely interested!

I’m definitely interested.
@Apexi1100 may just be interested too.


An update, I still intend on teaching this class, I would prefer to do it in a room with a projector (lecture hall) and need to figure out 1) how to get computers in there for everybody, and 2) if DMS even has an adobe account that people can hook into. But I will admit i have had my hands completely full since my garage was flooded. If i can solve those 2 issues i should be able to put up a class this weekend.

If anybody knows who i can talk to about this, that would be much appreciated.