Interest check - Handplanes

Is anyone interested in a class or demonstration of hand planes, we have a few tools that look alot like a handplane but the reverse engineered copy missed a few key features. I sharpened one earlier this week, today the blade was beyond dull and sticking out way too far to be usable.

I was sort of thinking get a few people who have some knowledge and share what we know and demonstrate sharpening, talk about frogs and throats and totes, adjusting the blade, and make a few shavings.

I’m usually available Wednesday nights, Saturday afternoons, probably Thursday and Friday afternoons in December


Very interested. Probably can’t be there, but maybe. Never Thursday. My schedule be damned, do it!

It’d be cool to take a cheap like 20 dollar plane
Off eBay that you knows gonna be out of what sole not level blade not sharpened and use that as the demonstration , that way it’ll show all the steps to take
Something out of whack cutting Chips to something that can shave ribbons

Finding and restoring planes is fun, most of mine came from garage sales, flee markets and craigslist. Surface rust can be removed with a spooge tank or evaporust, I avoid anything thats pitted or missing parts other than the blade

Oh no I was referring to a brand new 20$ one, but I agree I’m currently on the lookout for a Preston and sons shoulder plane! They’re few and far between but I like the width to length ratio which is what I hate about the neilsons

I would definitely take that class…

I am hoping to put together a hand tool SIG in the spring. Ive picked up a bunch of nice rusty hand planes at estate sales for the space. Looking forward to getting those restored and functional.

Absolutely look forward to seeing what you’ve got @rlisbona and learning from you!