Interest check - Changing watch batteries

I have 6 watches I need to change the batteries in. Its not something that probably justifies a full on training class, but I thought people may be interested in seeing how to open and close the different kinds of cases and how to service watch bands.

If people are interested I can put it on the calendar and you can come watch or bring your own and I can help you get your battery swapped out.


We have several!!!

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Interested. Also, saw the new watch service tools, and curious about them, which I assume this will use. :+1:

Yup, that’s what I was planning on using

Strictly quartz watches, I don’t have the skills or eyesight for mechanical watches.

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What day works for everyone? I’m good for after work most days except this Thursday. Or weekends after lunch

Also there are countless watch battery sizes. If you want to change your own it can be tricky to find the size without opening the watch. You can try googling the brand and serial numbers but it’s not consistent. I’ll have a couple sizes available but you may have to order a battery after we open the case in class.

Saturdays or Sundays afternoons work for me. We have 3 or 4 watches

If you come across one you can’t open, reach out to me .I have. ALL of the watch opening tools in my home watch shop .


I’ll be around this Sunday after my glass class. But also I can do either Saturday or Sunday next week.