Interactive blocked on Calendar


Interactive is blocked from mid-February until mid-April due to upcoming construction. Interactive will not be usable from the date that construction begins in that room until construction is complete in that room. As we get better definition of the construction schedule we will release time periods that are unaffected. This should alleviate issues with cancellations due to room unavailability.

For details or discussion, read this Talk post in Expansion. If you already have a class/event scheduled in Interactive during this time period, you will want to read the details. I have set up “room swap” parallel events to help you out.





I’d like to point out that the current galley is going to become a new classroom. The timing will depend on volunteers getting the storage bins, etc. out of there and then getting some tables hauled in. As soon as that is available, it will alleviate issues due to Interactive being unavailable.

The more volunteers … the faster it will happen.

I believe that @Team_Logistics will be coordinating the move out of the galley and @Team_Education will be coordinating making it into a classroom.