Integrating Google Sheets and Active Directory


Hi all,

I’m looking for someone that can write an integration for Google Sheets and Active Directory for an in-house project here at DMS.

Basically a daemon would run, pull down a google sheet in CSV or similar form, check for users listed that are not in an existing active directory group, then add them to that group. Ideally this should be something written in a scripting language such as Python or Powershell.

The software I used to use for this no longer exists, and the other one may have too high of a cost to justify. My time for development is currently limited without triggering massive burnout.




You could hypothetically read from ad back and forth and then learn the java /python api for google spreadsheets documentation and support has gotten much better over the years but it’s still meh at best.

On my github I have a fork of some code that writes to and from googlecspread sheets.

The burnout comes from trying to do something they don’t easily want you to do



So by burnout I mean I have enough volunteer projects on hand.

Reading out of G Sheets isn’t that hard, but it has to be done on a local machine to write into our AD. I can run a script with a scheduled task and easily tweak it for specific google sheets or AD groups that are being adjusted.

I just am running on fumes already to add yet another project to the pile, hence why I’m asking if someone else is able to take the punt.

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Ohh I see. Yeah send me what you need done I’ll look at it tonight. I just finished my last coding project so I’m clear now.



Oddly enough I had to set something like that up just recently for Azure AD. I’ll knock out a quick python script and include the service account this weekend and then put it in lambda.

Do we have a sheet already? if not then I can just set that up under our dms google sheets.



It’s in a team drive for the related committee, and each time something is setup like this it will have an associated sheet and that’s committee’s team drive.

I’ll add you to the thread with brenly

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