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Welcome to Ghost Founder, the “Start-Up Grind For Hire” that’s looking to hire! If you’re a tinkerer, maker, and engineering-backed hands-on hacker - we’re looking for you. Join the team with a “we’ll-figure-it-out” mentality and can-do attitude, prototyping brand-spanking-new innovations for Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Who Is Ghost Founder

At Ghost Founder, we believe in the power of speed, innovation, and partnership. Our brand promise is BREAKTHROUGHS, FAST! Our mission is to help visionary leaders in Fortune 500 companies turn their boldest ideas into reality, with speed, accuracy, and creativity. We are the proof-of-concept prototyping experts, the ones who can bring your wildest ideas to life, in record time.

We know that the road from idea to execution can be long, winding, and treacherous. That’s why we have assembled a team of seasoned engineers, designers, and problem-solvers who thrive on challenge, ambiguity, and complexity. We don’t just build prototypes, we solve problems. We don’t just create assets, we inspire action. We don’t just work for our clients, we work with them, as trusted partners and advisors.

What We’re Looking For

The Ghost Founder team is ready to add their next best thing - YOU. Who are you? In a nutshell, you’re GF’s version of Disney’s “Imagioneer.” You’re a mechanical engineer who’s not afraid of a challenge and is ready to take your knowledge and tinkering to the next level.

You’re a self-starter, independent yet team-oriented, and not afraid to get your hands dirty. You get excited by the idea of “heading to the shop” each day to put your knowledge and creative thinking to the test. Essentially, you’re ready to change the world one (or multiple) prototypes at a time.


  • The type of new team member we’re looking for is the kind of person who builds stuff for fun (and at work). In your tinkering endeavors, you may have built up extensive experience working with different materials such as sheet metal, wood, polycarbonate, and other plastics. You have a keen interest in robotics and are generally fascinated by the junction point between hardware and software.
  • You know your way around Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, 3D Printing, and CAD design, soldering, and maybe even welding. Safe to say a leaky faucet, a flat tire on your car, or a broken thermostat in your refrigerator are small technical challenges for you.
  • An Engineering Degree or similar is preferred but not a requirement.
  • You consider yourself a Mechanical or Electrical Engineer and have at least a couple of years of experience.
  • You know how to use CAD software, and have used 3D printers and or CNC machines before.


  • Knowledge of Raspberry Pi I/O Pins (and how to make them do stuff in the real world)
  • Arduinos/Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Random Skills (like soldering of copper tubing)
  • Basic Knowledge of Materials (and their properties)


  • Hardworking, Fun-Loving
  • Independent yet Team Oriented
  • Foodie (we love a good team lunch)
  • Creative & Thoughtful
  • Never too Good to get “Stuck in the Mud”

Job Specs

On a typical Ghost Founder day you will decide your highest priority tasks based on our weekly planning. You will then check in with the team for our 15-minute daily huddle. After this, you are free to work, rather than sitting in mindless meetings all day. You will design solutions for new problems or solve old problems for good in a creative and quick-to-implement way. You will own the design, planning, and execution of your solution from start to finish. Of course, the team is here to help you in every way they can. You don’t have to do and/or know it all, but you will make sure it gets done in a timely manner.

The Goods

  • Competitive Salary
  • WFH (depending on the tasks at hand)
  • Paid Time Off
  • Open Communication with Boss
  • The Ability to Make a Difference with Immediate Action
  • No Office Politics, No Endless Meetings

Learn More

Already tempted, but need a little more convincing? Hey, we get it and respect the thoroughness - after all, you’re a catch! Now, we can’t disclose ALL of our clients in this posting (this is an open forum after all), but if you do a little sleuthing on our website you’re sure to find something you like there. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our testimonials.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"I have worked in the engineering field for my entire career, and I have to say, working with Ghost Founder has been a breath of fresh air. The progress we have made together in such a short time coupled with their ability to be nimble and adapt to challenges as they come up is truly impressive. The team at Ghost Founder has proven to be an invaluable asset to our company, working as an extension of our own team. Their ability to take our ideas and collaboratively develop them into proof-of-concept prototypes has allowed us to evaluate new out of the box ideas and learn the fundamental challenges to overcome at an accelerated pace. I am fully confident in their product development, product design, software, mechanical engineering expertise and perhaps most importantly, their can-do attitude.”

    Chief Innovation Officer | Hunt Innovative Technologies

“I’m blown away by how much Ghost Founder got done in just a day. They mocked up my Sobriety App, created a pitch deck, and gave me a clickable prototype that I can access online. It would have taken me 3 months just to do the slides.”

    Chair of the Southwest Airlines TWU Local 556 FADAP Program

Need a little more? Check out the blogs on our site for insight into some of our previous projects. Of cours, we’re on LinkedIn and Instagram as well if you want a little more info on our team.

Join The Grind

You can email [email protected] with any questions and a portfolio of things that you have built. We want to see your prototypes, creations, gadgets (whatever it is) with videos, pictures, and slide shows. Explain why you built it and how you solved that particular problem. You can include your resume or a summary of your work experience and education as well.

Mass applications from bots that don’t fit this description will end up in the SPAM folder.

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