In need of a temporary employee to help with acrylic bending

I work at a business that builds a wide range of things, usually revolving around laser-cutting. We have an upcoming project that needs extra hands. The job involves heat-bending hundreds of 1/16" acrylic pieces into the shape of lanterns. There are multiple steps per piece that must be done in a precise manner.
Experience working with acrylic would be ideal, but not required.
This will be contract (1099) work for October 14-25 in downtown Dallas at Artifacture.
$13.50 an hour, but may be flexible depending on how fast you work.

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Given the attention to detail needed, perhaps someone who enjoys making jewelry or fine woodworking would be of the right mindset?


It’s a repetitive job, so maybe not? Essentially all the angles of the bends have to be consistent so that they match up in the final product.

Actually, production work with precise attention to detail fits fine with some jewelry folks. (Me, my current day job and some aspects of my jewelry business), so I wouldn’t discount the above suggestion. It’s a good one because of the transferable skills and might have a shorter learning curve than some.

(And no, personally not interested because I’m plenty busy at the moment, but it’s a good suggestion)


Sounds like you need jigs/fixtures as much as as skilled hands.


I know where he works - they make amazing, fantastic things.


Well thank you! We try :smile:

I’m in need of work and have only made small single pieces by bending acrylic. Lamps mostly, but would love the chance to know more if you’re still looking

I just noticed this was too months ago… so probably not.
Gotta check talk more often. Still need work though