Improper shutdown

Someone left the cnc machine like this…thought it should be addressed.


for the sake of up and coming new cnc users. can you edit the post to point out what specifically is wrong?

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The remote should be locked back in the wall lock, not left hanging.
Looks like wood and wax paper are left on the table. It should be left clean.


I don’t see a huge problem with leaving the paper if it’s a relatively large piece and is usable, though I don’t see why someone would block off an entire zone with paper… No sense wasting it.

The purpose of blocking of an entire zone with paper is to focus the vacuum pressure (atmospheres) which is the applied force over a given area. Since the space prefers that the user doesn’t screw down into the spoil board, it is necessary to keep the material completely immobile during the execution. Therefore, covering the zone and cutting out the area of the material will ensure that the frictional coefficient is greater than the force applied by the spindle…this reduces the probability of breaking the cnc.

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I think the question is why cover a whole zone, instead of just turning the zone off?


All zones not in use should be turned off. If the zone in use isn’t keeping the material immobile, the paper will focus the atmospheres on to the cut section… do you need physics?

Dude, the point is there is no cutout. There is just a zone covered by white paper. Stop trying to he the smartest guy in the room and mansplain to us. Look at the original picture and see that we are questioning why someone would cover a full zone with paper that is not in use and not cut out to hold down a piece of wood.


If a work piece covers 3/4 of a zone, then paper to cover 1/4 of a zone makes sense.

But in the photo, it looks like there is paper covering all of zone 4, and part of zone 1.

The question is why not use a smaller piece to cover the unused portion of zone 1, and just turn off zone 4?

Why should you ever have zones turned on and covered that have no work piece over them?

Dude, no one is trying to outsmart or create conflict. I’m sure it was in the process of being cut, but left behind by the last user. I actually used that piece, so there was no waste. The whole point of this thread to point out an improper shutdown…

Calling out my understanding of physics isn’t creating conflict?


No, it was an offer to explain.

Again, this thread was created to point out a potential abuse of the equipment…