Immaculate Shop/Woodshop

Came across this guys shop/woodshop. All I have got to say is it is got to be the cleanest most organized I’ve ever seen.


Needs more clamps!


And then, the next scene, CHAOS!

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I’m calling BS. It’s a showroom… it has to be…

can… can a shop really be that clean? What am I doing with my life?


Thats what I originally thought but later in the video, he shows works in progress.

I worked with a guy for about 12 years. In that 12 years I saw him dirty 1 time. Those who worked with him longer had the same experience or haven’t seen him dirty. He would wipe his leather gloves off before removing them. We did countless overhauls & re-tubes together. That 1 time I saw him dirty was Labor Day weekend in 2000 when we were fixing leaks at Rockwall High Schools Absorber (yes it uses fire to create cold water) Some people can just keep things immaculately clean.


Lol. My first thought when I saw this was literally, “I’ve squandered my life.”

Nonono. While I grant you that, as a person who Hates To Clean, I try not to create a mess, but that strikes me as probably hours spent on cleaning. And the thing I dislike about cleaning is how much of my time is spent (squandered, if you will) on cleaning. And cleaning. So many other things to do with that time!

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I don’t mean the cleanliness, I mean the awesome shop!

If I had such a shop it wouldn’t be nearly as clean, for sure.

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Once that lottery win happens…

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He goes on to explain it in his question & answer video. About 2:25 minutes in.

And a few more bin/drawers.

If we implemented 5S at DMS, nobody would follow it.


:astonished: jaw dropped and stayed there while watching this