IKEA Malm 3-drawer unit - Acquired

I present to you, the Dallas Makerspace, for your consideration a 3-drawer Malm unit painstakingly disassembled with all component parts retained into 5 separate bundles in the finest plastique. The unit itself is in moderately used condition and is of the Caribbean Blue variety - a color so exclusive that it is no longer available. I make this available for the reasonable price of 1E-6 USD, rounded to the nearest dollar - and no change shall be made.


I accept no reservations, will take no calls, and offer no delivery arrangements. I will however allow the lucky sir or madame who emerges victorious from the most rigorous of selection trials to retrieve it at their earliest convenience from the exchange shelf located in the work-shop of suite 104.

Instructions for the unit itself and drawers are also included - at no additional cost - as well as embossed in QR Codes on the labels swaddled within the plastique surmounting.


Seems like it woulda been easier to just schlep the already-assembled version, but then that wouldn’t be as makery. Or un-makery as the case would be…

Perhaps, but more likely to render the piece useless in the process. And also more difficult to transport.

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I may snag it if it’s still there tomorrow. My 2yo son is about to get evicted from his room due to his impending little sister, and he’ll need a dresser :slight_smile:

1E-6? I think I can swing that

I would consider layaway if truly necessary.

He is an expecting parent after all.

Alas, it was not to be. By 530 this morning, it was gone