Ideal Makerspace Person from a PR perspective

It seems some people want to be choosy about the type of members we have.
What type of person should we be looking for to become members?

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What would your expectations be Mike? Quid pro quo and all that other jazz.

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I sincerely hope folks will recognize this as the transparent attempt to stir up trouble that it is, and will refrain from feeding Draco’s weird urges to set us against each other.

I, for one, will be hitting that mute button.


To be honest, when I’m there I will help out as much as I can (If I have the extra time), but I avoid the drama as much as possible.

That might not make me the “ideal member” more of a customer I guess (If you want to use the latest derogatory term), but I’m more interested in making cool shit, getting to know people and having a good time more than I ever will be in all the political bulls#!t and infighting.

I truly hope that this doesn’t get me shunned, or attacked in anyway just because it’s simply my opinion. And everybody is entitled to their opinion.


I am not trying to set anyone against anyone, in fact I want people to come together.
I see too much division actually. I think there is a great mistrust and I see it with your post, @brsims We need to heal this.

As far as the people I might target in a PR campaign. Creative people, people that like exploring, entrepreneurs, people that enjoy helping others, people that are not judgmental and would like to help build something great for others to share.

You’re essentially describing member personas which is an excellent (and widely accepted) tool for marketing and development purposes.

There is a difference and a ‘fine line’ between those and stereotypes, and we should be very mindful not to cross it.

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I think if Jim Henson and Aretha Franklin had a kid that would be a pretty ideal person in general.


People who don’t want praise for not resorting to physical violence when confronted with words they don’t like.


@noblegoblin since you are PR. What are you looking for in a member when preparing marketing?

I don’t see how you can target an ideal person. That’s like trying to find a soulmate.

Every member has their issues. At the end of the day, we are all human. We all have our idiosyncrasies, that’s what makes each of us different.

Just because someone may disagree with someone else doesn’t make them any less of a valuable member.

Some may consider somethings I do idiotic. Or God he wont shut up. Or he is too quiet.

All they need to do is follow the rules & anyone can be a member.


You got it right there… thank you!

Your emoji-fu (emphasis on “fu”, obviously) seem a bit askew.

I like rhyming.

I was trying to point … but it was kinda fu-ed up lol

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Well…in a sense, you succeeded.

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Seem like I remember someone doing oompa cosplay … can’t remember

Ahhh… the slippery slope of vetting members.
Slippery slope down to no members.
Ideal member - has no “human nature”.
and good luck w/ that.


You get it as well … I agree

Agree completely and those are not what personas are, or how they are used for marketing. Personas represent an identifiable customer/member sub-segment which is valuable to market to. Typically, there can be specific plans/campaigns designed for each, or a broader campaign will be designed to target common characteristics across multiple personas.

Thinking from the Makerspace perspective, one approach might be to develop personas based on how much time they are likely to spend at the space. The needs and motivations of members who are at the space more than four times a week are likely very different than those who are at the space less than four times a month. You could attempt to understand what motivates people to volunteer or teach and develop targeted approaches to them. Finally, you could also do it by committee area. Focused activities targeting hobbyist in the machining, metal working, woodworking, creative arts, etc… areas could likely drive overall membership while improving committee engagement.

For me personally, it was a google search for welding classes that lead me to DMS. Once I started reading about what the space had to offer and took a tour I was hooked.


I’m not actually PR anymore, I just haven’t gotten it taken off of my Talk thing yet. PR falls under a different branch and I’m not entirely sure who is working on it.

I LOVED being in PR but it’s hard to do from so far away.

I’m kinda in agreement that this question is a very slippery slope, though.

I just want people to follow rules and be excellent to each other. Be whoever you want to be aside from that.

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