IBM 5153 Monitor for sale $125

I don’t have room for it otherwise I’d keep it. I haven’t had the time to fully test it but it does power on. You’re more than welcome to test it out before you buy.

I know why it’s this way and why this particular CRT is valuable, but I find it amusing that it’s $125 but you can’t put it on the free shelf.

If I had more space I’d be interested. I want to abuse it and put it in my server rack as a backup terminal.


That’s because CRT monitors/ TVs are NOT ALLOWED on the freebie shelf.

Slow down there lol. Re-read my post.

I’m amused that it’s valuable but you can’t give it away for free. Obviously it’s because most CRTs are e-waste, but this CRT is special.


I don’t mean to be rude but we’ve had a string of members who just dump prohibited items on the freebie shelf and NOT read the list of prohibited items that’s ATTACHED TO THE SHELF ITSELF. This is more directed at the one who’ll read this post and hopefully it’ll be planted in their minds to at least read the list before dumping an item.

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