I need to leave my truck in the parking area at least over night

It’s 2:30 AM Sunday, 8/4/19 & my carburetor replacement project has hit a snag. The aluminum spacer has a stripped hole. I think I need a Heli-coil or something similar, as well as some tap & die support. I’m well past the point of no return - can’t put the old carburetor back on. Austin graciously helped me get my 1987 Gold Mazda pick-up out of the inside bay and into a parking space on the DMS side of the lot (Thanks Austin!). I’ll be back about 4:00 PM Sunday (today) afternoon. My cell is 214-783-6088 if someone needs to contact me before then. Bob Burford


Update: I had the Mazda towed to my apartment Sunday afternoon 8/4/19. That AAA membership finally came in handy!


Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop, good luck finishing your project.


Sorry about your situation Bob but this was handled beautifully!


And just to touch on another point, for almost everyone AAA membership is well worth it’s weight in gold.

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