I need to cut 2 inch pieces of wood

I’m almost finished with a project I’m calling a SMT hotplate, but to finish it I need to cut Qty 3 2" slices from a piece of junk wood I had kicking around. I tried using a bandsaw that has metal cutting teeth, but it is impossible to cut a straight line using it. I could be at the space this Sat. if I have people who would help me. I’ll be out voting any how so I could be there if arrangements are made in advance.

What dimensions do you need? I have some scrap wood I could share with you.

The woof I have is already at the perfect thickness.

The pieces I need are: Qty 2 1.5" x 6" x 2", Qty 1 1.5" x 4.25" x 2"

I can do it if I can use a miter saw. I’m still a little wary of the table saws

I can cut these for you in my garage. I can pick them up from your house and bring them back. I messaged you my phone number, so you can text me your address and a time that would be good.


Thank You! It definitely puts in the almost finished category. It did power test today. It passed w/ flying colors, I’ shutting it down until I get the thermocouple in My Teflon probe is not rated for anything over 145C. when it hit 200. I may have damaged it. Walmart + is cheaper than Amazon, but they are much slower for deliveries. Since I’m waiting anyhow, I’m going to improve other Aspects of this project like the top plate itself. It is really thin sheets steel and is warping badly. I set up a account w/ Metal Marketplace tomorrow.

Here is the hotplate…

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