I need some custom shelving units, please

A Lot of folk on DMS know me.at DMS, @zacharymarkson has done some excellent work adding a ramp and enlarging my bathroom door. He does excellent work but I suspect he is swamped. I need some custom shelves. I have drawn them up, before my stroke I had made plans for something similar. The stroke but a kibosh on that plan. Now I finally have full access to my garage again I find I still need them more than ever. However I am still hiding from the virus and unable to come to the space. I put up a generalized drawing of the plans in hopes someone might help me.

I will pay for all the material and labor an will give this mechanics toolbox with a fair amount of tools included to whomever is willing to help me. I also have an old microwave cart I’ll be tossing away that is also up for grabs.

I will need 4 of these, building the in no way obligated the kind person whom makes to build more unless they want too. They don’t have to be pretty, but do need to be sturdy and painted for durability. Since they will be stacked some king of interlocking mechanism is needed (pegs in matching holes come to mind) because I will be sliding the boxes out of these cubby holes. I only have one working hand don’tcha know…
Just PM me if you are interested.

Banker Box.zip (8.2 KB)

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@Wendy, I’d be happy to knock these out on the Multicam for you. No need for payment if you can cover the cost of plywood. I’m betting even 1/2" plywood would be plenty strong for this application and for ease of cutting, the decent “sande” stuff from home depot (or birch from Central, depending on cost) would be my strong preference. They need a back to keep them from racking. That can be 1/4 or even 1/8".

How about interlocking transverse cleats on the tops and bottoms?

Do you also need some sort of lower box/stand to raise the bottom-most unit to a workable height for you?


Every Day I go into the garage and look through boxes. So far so good! Exciting even!