I need help with my CNC project

My CnC project is working but cannot find X and Y values in my sender so it just bumps up against the side and makes a bunch of jarring noises! Would anyone be willing to sit down with me for an hour or two and help me debug my grbl situation? Willing to compensate some dollars for some of your time.

3D printer, MultiCam, or Haas?

Edit: Oh, wait. I believe I grossly misunderstood the goal. Is the trouble with a machine you own?

It’s this machine. It’s built out it just has a few kinks XD https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2349232

Got it.

When the machine is first powered it…

  • Sits quietly waiting for commands
  • Moves around in an expected way (homes)
  • Moves around in unexpected ways

– ? –

It moves around in an expected way until it hits the bounds of where x and y should be but thinks the machine is larger than it should be.

Tell it to draw a 1" box. Does it draw a 1" box?

If not, you have some scaling issues - # of pulses to move x distance.


Are you going to be around the MS this week? I’d like to get some hands on help and maybe a little more understanding about how it works. It’s a pretty simple project but I need some help with configuration, I think. If I need to wire in homing sensors I can but I think that would be the next step if I can’t figure out how to set dimensions programmatically… my little robot is trying its hardest but keeps on loosing the 0,0 position in sourcerabbit Goode sender

I’ll test the 1” box and let you know

Did you enter all the parameters as shown in the pictures on Thingiverse? You have to remember that part.

Yes, I have, unfortunately

If you have soft limits (and homing) enabled you can set max travel limits for each access using $130 to $132 firmware settings. Definitely do the movement test as others have indicated.

Sound like GRBL needs to be profile. I had to set up my CNC the other yr https://sienci.com/mill-one-resources/firmware/ may help If you need help will be here next Tue after 5:20 for DPRG mtngs. Also Dale has a PC CNC that he had to profile. He will also be their. So if you need help bring it out then and we will see if we can help.