I need advice sowing a paint drop cloth

Can I sow a paint drop cloth canvas with regular baby sowing machine? And what size needle should I use?

The babylock’s are not well suited for heavy work, you should use the pfaff.

You should use a jeans needle.
You should look up ‘reduce bulk in corners’
Have you taken sewing 101 yet?
The babylock’s require training.


I’m more than happy to help you with it or the training if you let me know your availability.

I bet you could get a simple 2 or three layer stitch on that material with the home style sewing machine. That said, if your going to do a rolled seam, where you fold 2 pieces of fabric on themselves making 4 layers or more material, that is definitely a job for the stronger machine.

I’d suggest a ball needle since the fabric looks like an open weave and you can let the needle find the easiest path. Sharp needles can cut that kind of weave possibly fraying the fabric, but that is honestly a minor concern if your just learning.

The home machines are easier to use while learning as the walking foot on them is more forgiving. But, once you have the hang of the home machine, you will be very impressed with the power gained on the industrial one. It is substantially stronger, but less refined.

The sewing room currently has a domestic pfaff130, and an industrial singer 20u-33. Both are well suited to the canvas work. The singer requires an additional class, while the pfaff can be used after taking sewing 101.

Our baby locks zests (the ‘baby’ machine that the user mentioned) is a lighter duty machine and not well suited to canvas.

We’ve got ballpoint needles, so that can be tried, too.

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Yes I did take sowing 101

I am free tomorrow and Sunday

Ok. I’ll be at the space after 2pm on Sat, what time would you like to meet after that?
I’m happy to help get this knocked out for you.

Can we meet at 4:45 pm?

Dropcloth “canvas” is a bit flimsy compared to real canvas. It’s a bit lighter than denim. Still, probably better on the Pfaff when you get to the corners. When I was putting new hems in Capt’s jeans, I put the needle in the seamed areas by hand on the Babylock. And, only 2 or 3 stitches in that triple heavy area. So far, so good – the hems haven’t come down at all.

Sorry is Sunday ok? I had a commitment in the evening that didn’t make it to my schedule.

If you can still make 2 pm, I will make that time work other wise we can do Sunday. On Sunday I am busy from 1 to 2 ( 3d committee meeting ) and from 4pm to 8 pm. Other then that I am free.

How about after 3d committee? I’ll get the machine apl set up

I ended up sowing with a sowing machine I have at home. It work out really well with the # 16 ball point needle I can show you it tomorrow. Needle . I would to see how to use all the different machine so if you still want to show me. Thank you so much for being so willing to help me.

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