I accidentally cracked a small graphite crucible


I broke one of the short graphite crucibles, designated for brass.

Bunch of broken and misused things found in JSM tonight

@Team_Jewelry: Curious why we are doing molten Brass due to high concentrations of Zinc?


We AREN’T doing brass, the crucible is supposed to be for bronze. @TBenV, is you were trying to melt brass you were doing so against the rules.


Thank you for the clarification! That was my belief.

Note: Wishes we could due brass but too toxic.


We kicked around doing brass using personal tools outdoors. I’ve seen aluminum done in the parking lot but no one has done brass to my knowledge.


The times I’ve taken part in Aluminum pours it is done primarily for safety reasons associated with propane furnace/crucible and pouring molten metal.

Probably still a good practice - but with proper equipment and procedures it may/might/possibly be possible* to do indoors (Alum)

  • Is that hedging the statement enough?


Sorry got derpy with the names,
In my original post, I was trying to refer to the alloy of Cu+Sn and sometimes Al. (Bronze)
But I typed Brass (Cu+!Zn!) I am aware of the hazards of bringing zinc/zinc alloys up to high temperatures,
!zinc fumes! (yellow “fog”) are produced and are toxic and carcinogenic.


!!!DO NOT MELT ZINC ALLOYS!!! without proper ventilation, and PPE


I don’t believe this exists at DMS… Just don’t do it at DMS.


@kyrithia Can the Fibers Group make us a HAIR SHIRT that contrite individuals could voluntarily wear for wear briefly to show contrition? :wink:

Ben is now 18, an adult so we can start holding him to a higher standard. For people that have seen the beautiful LED table out back, Ben built this. So we can probably let this slide.


I agree that is a fine table he built. I often learn something from Ben, usually related to science or electronics. Not today. Today I learned the word “yerpy”.


What was going on when it cracked? Can you please detail what you were doing before?


I know what “derpy” is … what is “yerpy”?


I’d hazard its either an autocowrong/typing mistake or its derpieness carried to the next level.


Re hair shirt
No problem! And it can be extra itchy :innocent:


Can we have a dunce cap as well?


Sure …


I was thinking more traditional.



Thank you for reporting @TBenV


I only learned the word itself, not the definition. Haha.