Hypertherm Consumables

I am newly trained on the plasma cutter and did a couple practice cuts last weekend using the consumables that were there. I am looking to get started cutting some more stuff, but the consumables seem to be really expensive. I am probably looking at the wrong thing, but this starter set (linked on the training page) is around $200.

Do I need to get Hypertherm brand consumables? There seem to be some cheaper options on Amazon. Do I need to get all of the pieces or can I use the community retaining cap, swirl ring, etc and just buy the electrodes and nozzles?

You might check on the wiki for our recommendations. The only I found them was to search “suppliers”. There didn’t seem to be a link to suppliers from the committee areas.

Yes, stick with Hypertherm brand consumables. There have been fakes out there on Amazon, so be aware of that.

Also, that set does not have everything you would need but damn near close. If you wanted the fine cut consumables, you would need another swirl ring & ohmic fine cut shield. The Electrodes are all the same.

That set would last you a long long time, providing you take care of it.

A while back, I remixed a 3D printed holder for the electrode and nozzle consumables which are most commonly used on our cutter.

Fits in an Altoids Arctic tin and is small enough to toss in a backpack or toolbox.


So are those the only components I need to buy? I don’t plan on cutting a lot of stuff, so $200 seems like a huge investment for all the components.

Christian, looking at the kit, you’re getting 7 nozzles and 7 electrodes (two different types of electrodes). Just starting out and only planning on doing a few cuts? Stop by one of the local suppliers and pick up one/two of what you need. If you get the addiction or use case… then look at the kit. It’ll make better sense at that point.


No, you dont need to buy the set. You can buy individual pieces. Especially if you go to Metroplex. You can buy it a little at a time.


Consider splitting a kit two or even three ways with someone else. That’d get you down into the single-use budget at half that price.

The electrodes are about $5 each. The nozzles are about 6-8. Shields are about 15. I dont recall the swirl ring cost. Of course this was the last time I bought them. These items will last you a long time.