How to tell how much (MAPP) gas is in a canister


This came up earlier today so I thought I’d share. An empty map gas container weighs 14.25 oz., a brand new one weighs 1 lbs 12.75 oz.
I’ve got a digital scale I can donate. So you can just weigh the canister and know roughly how much you have left.


If we have an empty one, you could Tare the empty canister. Just makes the math easier …



I don’t think my scale can save the rare, it’s just a cheap kitchen scale.
Perhaps we should invest in a better one long term.


That’s a good point. We should bring that up to @meanbaby. Although, she’s a bit stressed about Everything Glass Has To Buy.


No stress with this just very practical, It’s on the list, and a few new Lamping items are on the list. Ive been talking with James and Jimmy A about expanding Lamping. I’m waiting on some test James wanted to try before we buy things for lamping 2.0. Then some practice time will be needed before classes go up.

Now furniture and kilns, yup there is some stress.


There is still one, possibly two unclaimed tabletops. Any interest? Price is right.


If it were up to me, I’d say “Absolutely!!” @meanbaby – I even volunteer to put the legs on. That’ll be one less thing we have to buy. Legs will be cheaper than tables.


Yeah, my free one should work for now. We can put it on the post move list
if we find the math to be a pain.


What sort of tabletops?


There are some extremely thick laminated work surfaces that normally hang on cubicle walls. We will not hang them on cubicle walls because the cubicle walls won’t have enough right angle pieces to support that much weight. The work surfaces are 2’ deep; some are 5’ wide and some are 6’ wide.

I PM’d all the committee chairs over a month ago asking who wanted a couple.