How to make changes to a class I am hosting that is already posted?

I made a silly error. I listed a laser training class for this week, and while creating the listing I forgot to set the limit for the class size. It is in the text, but no one reads through those.
There are already 7 people signed up and I am afraid more will come.
I tried to change it, but the system will not let me. Who do I contact to help with this?

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I don’t think you can. I had a ~30 member Welding Safety class on accident that way one time.


One of the calendar Gods will have to modify the class for you - hopefully they will see your post and will be able to get in the database and manipulate it for you.

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@mblatz if ever I knew ye, thy powers herein be intoned…


Man, bet that was a fiery circus!

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I think that was the class I was in. The room was PACKED! :joy:

Yeah, it was. That was the class with the most questions if you can believe it so that was nice at least lol.

Change made to this one (right?):

NB: It helps small a bit to include a link to the calendar event in question to avoid dinking with the wrong one.

It’s your call, and just my $.02: I don’t see anything wrong with contacting the last N signer-uppers and explaining the SNAFU and asking them to cancel. You can always put another class on the calendar with “Attendees Require Approval” checked and tell them to register for that and you’ll let them through. But IMO safety is the primary issue at this point.


Yes, that is the one. I was planning to reach out to the people that registered, I just wanted to get it fixed that way I didn’t end up with 30 people signed up for it. Thank you.