How to make an elbow?

How can I make an elbow? It doesn’t have to be corrugated. OD is nominal half inch.

I don’t think I can reliably make a pie cut bend at this scale - mostly because I’d be cutting it by hand with a hack saw.

The piece is purely cosmetic.

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Would square steel tube work?

If round, soft copper tubing, there are plumbing bending kits available with a steel spring which wraps and supports the copper tubing, then slips off once the bend is complete. Here’s a $12 version from WalMart:

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Try to find a shorter piece - but it is 1/2"

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Gas flex pipe?

I know pipe sizes can be weird, but…

EDIT: too slow! David beat me to the post…

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This is really off the wall, but I have seen large drinking straws at boba tea shops. Maybe you can find a flexible one…

Something like this:


That’s actually the exact size that I need. Given that it’s going to be painted … it would work. I love “off the wall”.