How do I import multi-layer GIMP files (.xcf) into RDWorks?


Edit: I solved this problem by using the Zing laser printer which is capable of printing gray scale via PDF and Adobe Illustrator, unlike our lame RDWorks software on the Thunders.

I’ve used GIMP to separate an image into black, dark gray, and light gray layers, creating a .xcf file. RDWorks doesn not appear to recognize this file type when I try to import it.

Here’s the GIMP file:

What’s the best way to get this file into RDWorks so I can set the laser’s power level per shade of gray?

Here a low DPI .png version of my image showing all the colors:



for future reference; .xcf files are specific to GIMP. and gimp can export into nearly any file format:


Ah, thanks!


RDWorks does accept a wide variety of other bitmap formats. BMP, PNG, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jfiftiff, j2c, jpc, pcx tga, wbmp, mng, ICO, wmf…

Not accepting PDFs and svgs is very lame.