Holiday Party & Pot Swap!

Hello! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have set up a Holiday Pot Swap on Elfster which will assign everyone a person to make a pot for. PLEASE only sign up if you are seriously attending. We don’t want anyone who is sad because their Secret Santa didn’t show up. I was thinking we could do the swap the Sunday before Christmas weekend, on Dec 18 at 2:00 pm. I will be putting the event up on the calendar as well so everyone can know where to go and stuff. Also, if anyone wants to bring snacks and things that would be nice :slight_smile: Maybe I will make my famous (mostly to family) cheesecake :wink:

I hope to see everyone there and can’t wait to see what everyone makes :slight_smile:


I love topic titles that I skim through then a moment later my brain says wait what did that say? Good one


I assume one can attend the gathering and not participate in the pot swap? True? False?

Of course :slightly_smiling_face: