High end audio sound quality in vehicles

Any one have any interest? I’m starting a new project vehicle with sound quality in mind. I would love to share some of my past experiences with the group, or maybe start a class. Peace All. :v:t4:

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I used to be more interested in it. Theft made it not worthwhile anymore. I miss my Focal and Audison stuff. :sob:

Fully understood Mr. Luke. Thanks for the reply. BTW, I ran French made Focals for many years.

I have focals in my Lexus!

@Apexi1100 might be interested in helping. He loves him some car stereo.

I’d be interested

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Thanks for the interest @Apexi1100. I wanted to run the post for a few days to spark any more interest. (It looks like it’s just you and I my friend.) I will be at the space tonight to start the primary planning stages of the project at hand. Let’s keep in touch. Peace

If it’s based on Quality, not Quantity, I’d be very interested. I am up at the Space currently running around in an orange Support our Troops (GI Joe) shirt. Would love to see what you’re planning.

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Just curious if this was still a thing. I just acquired a “new” to me car and would like to start to plan a nice sq build.