Hi! I'm looking to teach some computer science classes



My name is Remy, and I was looking to teach some classes in the CS vein, but wanted to gauge interest first.

If I taught some classes in

  • complexity theory
  • automata theory
  • formal language theory
  • operations research
  • mathematical optimization
  • information theory
  • general machine learning
  • neural nets

who is interested and would show?
is anyone interested but perhaps intimidated by these topics?



you can also guage the Education/Interest Check category to guage interest. good luck.



All of those subjects sound interesting to me.

I take this to imply the material would be taught in a programming language independent sort of way.



There is already a committed weekly / twice weekly machine learning /neural net class although i’m sure the guy teaching it wouldn’t mind taking a break here and there if you wanted to take a day or two off his back.

The mathematical optimization, would that be like big O notation? would there be anything more directly applied past sophomore year of college learning? troubleshooting larger blocks of code? if it can be learned in a youtube video i would not be interested. further than that? you have my attention.

also as a caveat, I work deranged hours so i might just not make it.



Yes please do. @Team_VCC and @Team_Education is always looking for teachers on these subjects and we’ll be glad to get you any resources you need.



I’d be very interested if you take on ROS from Stanford’s AI Lab, or a comparable system. The ability to coordinate multiple microcontrollers is necessary to a project I’m working-up.



Oh, can I reply now?



No, big O is complexity theory, mathematical optimization is like linear programming, and non-linear extensions



indeed, :slight_smile:



Please make it on a Saturday/Sunday…



well, i’ve got a class on edge detection with neural nets posted for Friday evening, but right now no one has signed up. Would Saturday/Sunday have been better for anyone else?



Looks like it runs on docker (https://hub.docker.com/_/ros) so that’s super simple to setup then and they even have a docker-compose.yml file for deploying to a swarm like the CommunityGrid’s stack and Hypriot.

version: '2'
    build: .
    container_name: master
      - roscore

    build: .
    container_name: talker
      - "ROS_HOSTNAME=talker"
      - "ROS_MASTER_URI=http://master:11311"
    command: rosrun roscpp_tutorials talker

    build: .
    container_name: listener
      - "ROS_HOSTNAME=listener"
      - "ROS_MASTER_URI=http://master:11311"
    command: rosrun roscpp_tutorials listener

And the actual ROS code is in python and c++: https://github.com/codebot/stanford-ros-pkg/tree/master/pancakebot with the robot being controlled over radius controlled wifi (802.11x) or radius wired lan.

So that means running the listener or any specific ros application can be compiled and bundled to a docker image then once the image is pushed to a docker registry the your robot controllers (ie swarm node workers and manager) can pull that down and start controlling your robots.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for my drone project. I’m glad there is an actual setup for it now. so we’ll get this added into the community grid in upcoming release cycles. But if one wants to try it out before, take the online class to get access and deploy your ros tasks.

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I have question: Will all members of the net have to deploy docker/ROS, or could some dumber real time microcomputers like Arduino or ESP32 communicate and update parameter sets without even knowing they are in an ROS net?



From what I can tell as long as the esp32/atmega can send udp and tcp packets back home to an xmlrpc server running on the docker/ros cluster then one should be good.

But that’s something which would need some discovery and lab work to verify. I’d like to work with you on that one.

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On the ROS wiki, there are reference materials on rosserial, a system for communication with Arduinos and ESPs over I2C busses. Your swarm could communicate over WiFi or over ZigBee secure radios for much greater distances using rosserial, and 128bit encription.

This looks great from here. I’m very interested, this solves some real problems for me.

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rosserial looks interesting and there is also support for mqtt which means one can use mqtt as a pubsub message backbone and things like haas.io and Google Assistant can integrate with the AI from ROS.

Now that solves several things that I’ve been looking at with dronekit.

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A request - would it be possible to event schedule study groups for computer certifications? I’m working through Comptia Security plus early next month and would like a scheduled study group.



Yes please.

Lock in some time at https://calendly.com/denzuko/class-lecture?back=1&month=2019-04 and I’ll get the lab equipment on site and the study group rounded up.