Help with Rotary - Request

Hello!! My name is Veronica
I have been a new member for 2 weeks and I wanted to ask if you could help me with my first laser engraving on a tumbler. If possible have a one on one to learn from you. I know it’s your time and I want to see if you have time available soon or plan to go to work at DMS and I can see how you work. I have some experience with laser machines because I have one at home but it does not engrave on “not flat” surfaces.

You will likely want to use the Epilog Fusion for your tumbler. Thunder has (had?) a rotary attachment but IDK if it’s still working. Most people use Fusion for that.

I don’t happen to see any classes on the calendar for Fusion, but the path to that is:

  1. Take the class for the Thunder lasers. All lasers require that you first take the Thunder laser training. Once in a blue moon it’s offered in person, but the online class is perfectly suitable and meets the requirement.
  2. Start a new topic on Talk (in the Laser category) expressing your interest in an Epilog Fusion class and asking for someone to set up a class.
  3. In the meantime, the manuals for the Fusion and its rotary attachment are excellent. You can reach those from the Tools page of the wiki. The rotary attachment manual includes information about how to set up your artwork for rotary engraving and that’s an important prep step.

Generally, I teach the fusion/ rotary class on demand/when people are looking for it.

If you’ve taken the regular thunder online class at, please reply with some days/times that you are generally available, and I can try to schedule a 1:1 to go over the fusion+rotary.