Help with lasers?

Hi there! I am hoping to have some supervision on the lasers for my first small project. I’ve taken the online laser class and am signed off and also attended an Inkscape class. Hoping someone can help me out a bit to get adjusted to using the lasers.

Picture is of my latest project; a 3 ft Grinch so the post hopefully doesn’t get lost. Happy to bring a craft beer to compensate for time/energy/help - to be consumed outside of DMS of course.

Thanks in advance!

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Are you wanting to engrave this as a photo? Or was there something else in mind?

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I think the Grinch will be laser cut from plywood and then painted.

I’d recommend using two different colors in your design: one to etch on low power to mark the paint lines (hat, belt, eyes, face details, et al) and a second color for the thru-cut outline. The etched lines will make painting between the lines easy.

Both can be vector cut - much faster than rastering.

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So sorry for any confusion. I already made the grinch in the picture. He is in my living room. This is my pic. I needed help with a different project, but someone graciously offered me supervision and support when I came in last night. The project I needed help with on the lasers worked great and I’ll post a pic once it’s painted and complete. Thank you!!