Help with fusing silk


I have some silk mens ties I want to stabilize I need a fusible interfacing I believe

Any suggestions of what to use?

I intend to set the pieces into jewelry so I dont want the fabric to stretch


I would recommend trying some Pellon SF101.
It is a woven relatively lightweight fusible that stabilizes the the fabric, but doesn’t get “weird” stiff like the non-woven interfacing can do.

You could also try a bit of fusiknit (fusible knit interfacing). While it does maintain a bit of stretch to the fabric, it’s not a “bad thing” stretch. I use(d) this type of fusible when making t-shirt quilts.

If you’re not in a rush, I can bring some samples of each for you on Sunday so you can try before you buy.


thank you a lot I plan to be at the space on sun

I also have a bin in the Galley Orange wone on west wall fairly low toward the bac


I agree with Judy. To stabilize silk, I’ve always used fusible knit interfacing.