Help with a sewing project

I need assistance with a small sewing project at Makerspace. Involves sewing together a few pieces of “mesh” fabric. Estimate 30min to an hour.
Am willing to compensate for your assistance.
Thanks in advance.

Paging @dryad2b

She might could help or suggest someone


I’m headed in the vague direction of the Space, but we’re detouring to do a bit of shopping. Let me get back to this when I get there.


Knit mesh fabric? Or something more along the line of fiberglas window screen mesh? (It might make a difference for needle and thread choices.)


Any chance you could attach a picture of the fabric? I could be up for this, but it’s always good to know what one is getting into.


Thanks all. I’ll attach a picture of the fabric I’m working with. And may touch base with Beth Appleton.
Appreciate the input.

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Here’s a couple pics…

Is it stiff like window screening?
Or floppy like mosquito netting?

Looks like a pretty normal fabric, then. It’s got selvages (the thicker part at the edge) and everything.

So – I could probably do this. I am up here a lot, afternoons and weekends. I’m teaching Friday night, and working until 2pm on Saturday…

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Very floppy. Like mosquito netting.

Very good. Thank you Beth. I’m usually here on weekends. Will look for you.
Thanks again.

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